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Marguerite Avenue - A Literary Curiosity Blogs
The Evolution of Alphabets Miscellaneous
Photoshop Disasters Miscellaneous
Garfield Minus Garfield Cartoon Links
Strange Maps Research
The Comics Curmudgeon Cartoon Links
The Daily Cartoonist Cartoon Links
New and Improved Stereotypes Blogs
Ikea Hacker General Interest
The Southern California Cartoonists Society Cartoon Links
Helio Mag Online Magazines
ordinary things Cartoon Links
HI FRUCTOSE Online Magazines
FriendsWithYou Cartoon Links
Archie McPhee Miscellaneous
American Science and Surplus Miscellaneous
Peters Mostly Food Blog Blogs
Liquor Log Blogs
Witty Comics - Create your own comic Cartoon Links
Golf Cartoons by Mark Wood Cartoon Links
1000 Arten ein Bier zu öffnen Research
The Gary Busey Sound Board Cartoon Links
Comic Artist - Dan Golden Cartoon Links
Ascii Art Internet
4,742 comics at OnlineComics at Once Cartoon Links
Comic Artist - Sam Hiti Cartoon Links
International Earth-Destruction Advisory Board General Interest
Silent Kimbly - Ryan Sias Cartoon Links
Photoshop Phriday - Something Awful Other
Half life 2 Rube Goldberg Machine General Interest
The Kingdom of Loathing Other
Fart Party - Julia Wertz Cartoon Links
youngadventurefriends (Bella Whigimill) Cartoon Links
Worst Album Covers Ever General Interest
Unpleasant Event Schedule Online Magazines
Find Those Subversives - Data Mining 101 Research
Really Cheap Mods Miscellaneous
Overheard In New York Blogs
US Bunkers Other
The Cloud Appreciation Society General Interest
Bob Lancaster Gallery of Unusual Playing Cards General Interest
Rotten History for Today Other
The Cultural Archive - Comics Cartoon Links
The Cultural Archive General Interest
Astonishing paper sculptures Other
Yahoos Directory of Useless Web Pages Internet
Have Fun with a Paperless Virtual Stapler Other
Take the Political Compass Test Here Other
Look at This Internet
Operation Eden Other
Bernard Krigstein Cartoon Links
Donald Evans General Interest
Jason Shiga Cartoon Links
Jules Feiffer Cartoon Links
BibliOdyssey Miscellaneous
United Nations Interactive World Heritage List Other
Darby Hudsons Cartoonery Cartoon Links
The Historical Tale Construction Kit Other
Design Snack Internet
C. Allen Rearick: Cleveland Poet General Interest
Encyclopedia Mythica Research
Bathroom Graffiti Other
Project Gutenberg Research
Swapatorium Blogs
Akiyoshis Illusion Pages Straaange
Sock Monster by Neil Brideau Cartoon Links
The Mechanical Music Digest Miscellaneous
Crash Bonsai Miscellaneous
Sergio Aragones (Mad Magazine/ Groo) Cartoon Links
The Shore Magazine Online Magazines
MR FISH Cartoon Links
Banksy Miscellaneous
The Tech FAQ Research
Whats My IP? General Interest
Timeline Clock (very cool -- check it out) Other
The Dot Clock Other
The Doomsday Clock Other
Louis Armstrong - Oops I Did It Again (1932) Other
Wideangle Miscellaneous
WWII in Color Research
The Zoomquilt Other
Irregular Webcomic Cartoon Links
Yirmumah Online! Cartoon Links
Fake Your Own Ghost Pictures Miscellaneous
Nanaca Crash Cartoon Links
Go Check out Research
Unclaimed Baggage Miscellaneous
100 Funniest Jokes of all Time (GQ 1999) Miscellaneous
Realtime Display of "Global Conciousness" Research
The Clock of the Long Now Research
Pictures from Iraq General Interest
Avcen Limited - UK Jet Pods Research
Ancient Scripts Webpage Research
Interior Desecrations (James Lileks) Other
COMIXPEDIA Cartoon Links
The Internet Wayback Archive Internet
The Devils Tramping Ground Miscellaneous
Riddley Walker Annotations Miscellaneous
48 Optical Illusions Straaange
Blogdex - Tracking hottest info on the www Reference
Seth Swirsky Cartoon Links
Awful Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Straaange
Vehicle Crashes Reference
Strange Banana Auto Webpage Generator Internet
My Pet Skeleton Straaange
The Useless Information Homepage Reference
More Captain Haddock Curses per Book Reference
Captain Haddock Curses Reference
Totally Absurd Inventions Reference
Billys tells your fortune Straaange
Steven Clouds Boy on a Stick and Slither Cartoon Links
Opium Magazine Online Magazines
Riding the White Line Other
Mark Woods Cartoon World - the daily Cartoon Cartoon Links
BlogPulse - Automated Trend Discovery for Weblogs Internet
Free Typewriter Fonts Other
A Bunch of Freekin Statue Molesters Reference
Feral Eye Cartoons by Terry Sedwick Cartoon Links
The Worlds Worst Webpage Reference
Fantasy Aircraft Reference
"Wear the helmet as much as you can, especially during times that you feel you are usually abducted." Straaange
Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics Reference
Meanwhile, at the lab.... Straaange - "The writers and artists on-line source for misery, commiseration, and inspiration" General
Moviepooper. Spoil the ending of hundreds of movies for all your close friends and associates. Reference
Murphys Laws and Corollaries Reference
Geoff Scott - by Geoff Scott Artist
Joe Marshall - Illustrations and Cartoons - "Enjoy It And You Will Find It Wonderful" Cartoon Links
A Biblical Curse Generator Miscellaneous
The Potted Meat Museum Reference
Fan page for Lionel Fanthorpe - the finest writer of all time Artist
Dennis Whiskey Corner - sublime and beautiful Reference
Online Catalogue listing Entrances to Hell in the UK General
The Wooden Nickel Historical Museum Reference
The worldwide Internet Traffic Report Reference - "The single best source for facts on the Net" Reference
Dr. Bronners Magic Soaps - All One!! Reference
The Ditch Water Store. A place to buy mugs, t-shirts, etc. General
Adak Island: The land that says nay to no-one Reference
Tony Millionaire - Show me the Maakies! Cartoon Links
HotAir - the Annals of Improbable Research Reference
100 Worst Rated Movies of all Time - IMDb Reference
Sparkys Astounding Ancients - Lemuria - Atlantis - Etc Reference
The Really Big Button That Doesnt Do Anything Reference
Dave Kunst - 1st verified walk around the world Other
HipShot Cartoons by Mr. Andy White Cartoon Links
The CIA World Factbook for 2002 Reference -- Cool and very strange Other
Sparkys Astounding Ancients - Lemuria - Atlantis - Etc Reference
Justin Pinchots Toy Raygun Collection Reference
The Register - "Biting the hand that feeds IT" Reference
The Internet Movie Database Reference
Federation of American Scientists Reference
The Lowe Gallery - Don Van Vliet paintings Artist
Viva la Bulbo!! (Mishmash Media, Inc.) Cartoon Links - "A Complete Waste of Perfectly Good Technology" Miscellaneous
Google News Internet
Jeremy Banx cartoons Cartoon Links
Web Hosting by Magiclamp Networks Cartoon Links
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